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Exploring the Phenomenon of Street Food

When traveling, you will find that the best and most authentic dishes are not served in fine dining establishments. To truly explore local cuisine, street-side dining is the way to go. Served off of carts, in small storefronts, little restaurants, and at local markets, street food offers dishes prepared by specialists who have honed their craft. As a bonus, this is often the cheapest way to eat your way through a new culture. 

To make sure that you are getting the best and safest food you can, first scope out your options. You can never go wrong by following the locals. A long line at a stall in a food market means that there is considerable repeat business and that the locals believe it to be reputable. Good turnover also means that you have a better chance of getting the freshest food.
Take a quick look to consider cleanliness when deciding where to eat. There should be some sort of refrigeration or ice available to keep cold foods cold, and raw food should be stored separately from cooked food. There should also be an area for washing up, both hands and cooking utensils. 

Choose food that is cooked on the spot instead of being held warm or reheated. You will know your food is fresh and there is less of a chance of bacterial contamination. Food loaded with citrus, chiles, and vinegar are safer to eat, as these ingredients have antibacterial properties. 

Finally, it never hurts to bring your own utensils. You can find small travel utensil sets that you can tuck into your pocket or purse. It is always safest to drink from just-opened bottles. Some of the beverages served street-side out of large containers can cause problems for foreign stomachs.

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